Real Estate Closing Techniques + Tactics: What to Say to Close the Deal- Episode 006

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Learn why the Glengarry Glen Ross speech was wrong, plus the SINGLE greatest negotiation tactic in the world and much more on the latest episode of Real Estate Uncensored.

Watch the on-demand replay, originally recorded live on Google Hangouts, where you get real estate agent training for the real world.

This episode is all about closing the deal – scripts and phrases you can use right now to help more clients, close more deals and increase your commissions.

Here’s what we covered so you can jump to the sections that interest you:

2:11 How to show massive value and use assumptive closing language with buyers so they work exclusively with you

3:01 Script for getting contact info from buyers at open houses

6:50 Relationship Script for closing buyers on moving forward

10:03 Powerful script for preventing buyers from making lowball offers

13:40 Miscellaneous scripts for last-minute buyer objections

18:01 How to lead up and build rapport to set more appointments with potential sellers

19:30 Script for closing them on a time/day for appointment and the why it’s crucial to build massive value prior to going for the appointment

20:25 How to use the FORD technique and “3 deep” questioning to expose a sellers motivation and urgency

Powerful scripts for handling last minute objections at listing presentations-

25:13 “Will you cut your commission”

29:22 “Need to think it over”

31:45 “Another agent thinks it’s worth more”

33:57 “I’ve made X, Y and Z upgrades”

Negotiation scripts

38:40 Scripts for buyers

40:43 How Greg’s team uses deadlines to encourage offers from buyers and persuade sellers to accept an offer when it’s lower than they want

42:20 The SINGLE greatest negotiation tactic in the world

44:53 Techniques to calm down irate clients during the negotiation phase

46:52 Why the Glengarry Glen Ross speech was WRONG

48:39 Why perceived value and perceived difference is much more critical to your close than the script

49:16 The best quote about negotiation (which Greg accidentally delivered before the live broadcast and immediately forgot about)

50:45 Book recommendation from Matt: Never Be Closing by Tim Hurson and Tim Dunne

51:23 Why preparation trumps closing techniques, and why you should start cyber-stalking your prospects right now

56:00 Four phrases that can bail you out of any situation in real estate

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